100% uptime SLA

100% uptime SLA

365Hosts offers a range of hosting packages, including shared and reseller packages, that are hosted on modern, high-performance server architecture. By leveraging server virtualization, we are able to provide an incredibly robust platform for providing web hosting services.

Your hosting package is provided with a 100% Uptime SLA. This means that you will never have any unplanned downtime. We can make this promise, because we always keep virtual resources in reserve, to be switched in and out as needed, to cover short-term service outages, or whilst we perform administration and maintenance tasks. In rare cases, we may need to perform tasks that do require downtime, and we will always inform you well in advance when this is the situation. However, you should have 100% uptime at all other times. Every hosting package comes with the following functionality, that you have at your fingertips, to manage your own websites, in relation to ensuring maximum uptime.

  • The ability to perform site backups and restores via cPanel
  • You can update your own DNS records, to move your site to temporary hosting if you need to work on your current hosting.
  • You have access to the 365Hosts 24/7 technical support team to solve any technical issues you may have.
  • We can provision additional hosting plans almost immediately if you need to move your website to a fresh package so you can carry our work on your old one.

Our 100% SLA should ensure that you never have to take actions such as those highlighted above, however, we believe it is important that you know you have options you can trigger to help keep your site online.

Our VPS and dedicated service hosting are covered by its own SLA, as these services operate differently to our shared hosting offering. Even though our VPS and dedicated servers are fully managed, you are still able to log in as root and take any actions you feel necessary to ensure your site is available at all times.

365Hosts offers our 100% SLA for our shared hosting and WordPress hosting packages.

For more information about these packages, you can contact our sales team.