Business Web Hosting

Business Web Hosting

365Hosts offer hosting plans that will suitably cater to any business, from the largest corporate environment to the single blogger or artist. We are happy to recommend the right service to any client looking for the most suitable web hosting for them. 

It is crucial that you choose the right web hosting plan for your business because your web hosting plan will affect many facets of your business. From the load speed and customer retention of your website – which directly impacts the sales you see to the way you organise and store your emails, to, of course, the cost of the web hosting package you choose. 

So let’s talk business, what do businesses need

Website– Realistically, your business needs a great website. Even if your business is not running an E-Commerce online store, it has never been more important to have a great digital presence – so that people can see what your business is, what your product is, and how to contact or find you. How good your website is, in terms of functionality, search engine ranking and optimisation has a direct correlation to the number of customers who will see your product.  

If you have an E-Commerce store, it is absolutely crucial that the process from the client finding your website easily, right through to making a purchase through your payment gateway and receiving confirmation is seamless. The better the customer experience, the more likely that client is to be a repeat customer, and even recommend others. 

There are many ways to boost your sales online, from running promotions and discount codes on your website, to running advertising campaigns on other platforms and Google alongside, however, E-Commerce stores are complex organisms so without the right web host behind it, you will likely run into pitfalls that will cause problems, time out of your day, or worse still, dissatisfied customers. 

365Hosts business web hosting is a managed hosting package which means we are here to support your business, ensuring your website is generating all of the sales possible. It is essential to us that your business website is fully optimised for lightning-fast functionality, fully secured at all payment and data collection points, and of course, beautiful to use. 

Emails- Businesses need to email. Some more than others, but it is part and parcel of business in this digital age. Placing and receiving orders, managing business accounts and invoicing, and internal staff communication are just some of the ways in which email has become an essential day to day necessity in the running of a business.

However, this means email inboxes can very quickly become overwhelmingly full and disorganised, which can make picking up the information you need a task. Moreover, apart from the obvious inconveniences of having a jumbled inbox, it can also be costly, as your web host may charge over the odds for additional storage and exaggerated account limits. 

Secondly, the appearance of your email address is representative of your business. So you will soon outgrow your college Gmail account and might choose instead to use custom business email addresses for yourself and your staff. Not only does this look for more professional and mean customers have more confidence in your service, but it also allows for a natural order to the way things are stored, eg: accounts@, info@, sales@. Using a web host who can provide you with email addresses to suit your needs mean that all mail begins to filter into the relevant places, saving you hours of admin work. 

Choose a web host that has the capacity to allocate, connect and store your email accounts

Backups- When it comes to buying and selling products, there needs to be a record of that sale. If you have staff, you need to store contracts and documents. If you are networking with other businesses or investors there will be sensitive files that need to be kept. For these reasons and many more, the longer you are in business, the more years worth of data, emails, files and website development you should be storing. This means that you will quickly outgrow the minimal bandwidth, zero support hosting package that you might have favoured in your first months of business.

For your business to scale, you need to choose a web host that can fully support and easily manage each stage and size of your business and provide the kind of backups you need, in the way you want to store them. Any web host worth their salt should be able to provide you with a backup of your website should the worst happen, but when it comes to serious business, disaster recovery is essential. 

At 365hosts is it essential to our operation that we can provide corporate businesses with the means to confidently and securely backup the full range of everything they need to secure. We are partnered with R1Soft and can provide you with a Server Backup Manager which is a full replica of all of your data, which can be pulled from multiple off-site locations, taken from as little as 15 minutes ago, so you never need to fear what might happen in the event you need disaster recovery. Learn More

Analytics– If possible, it would benefit your business to choose a web hosting company that can manage the analytics of your website. These are data recordings from the activity on your website, which will help you tailor your site and service meaning you can offer the best possible customer experience and products. 

For example, 365Hosts offer a range of analytics such as: SEO search engine rankings (which keywords work best), Heat Soak – which was developed specifically to track a customers journey through your website showing you where they click, hover, and interact with the site, and other analytical data such as when your site receives the most traffic, where it is coming from, and which pages or products on your website are busiest. 

Managed Hosting- Business is work, and the better your business is doing, the more work is required. Even if you are getting away for more holidays, it is a law of nature that the more successful your business becomes the more maintenance, admin and storage is required. Managing your own web solution in-house can be costly, and is very time-consuming. 

It may be tempting to choose the cheapest unmanaged web hosting package you can find, and attempt to manage the rest as a cost saving exercise, however, this is rarely the case. The hourly labour cost alone of of managing technical issues, organising accounts and emails, taking and storing backups, as well as waiting in a call queue anytime your website experiences problems can be as infuriating as it is expensive. 

If you intend to scale your business, you will be more interested in making every team member as productive as they can be. That means that your business needs managed web hosting. You need to choose a web host that will offer a managed web hosting package that means the day to day jobs involved in web hosting are left where they should be – with the web host. 

Managed web hosting with 365Hosts can include things like: 

  • Secure server housing
  • National grid and power backups
  • Server temperature regulation
  • On-site server engineers
  • Application of necessary infrastructures
  • 24/7 technical support
  • A control panel which simplifies all of your user-accounts and billing
  • Heat Soak – a map of what your customer behaviour
  • Website Analytics – your tailored statistics
  • Port Speed maintenance
  • Performance stability – ensuring your website copes with heavy traffic

Read more about managed web hosting Here.

365Hosts offer a range of business hosting packages because we know that each business is in their own stage of development, and sometimes these plans need to be tailored to our individual client needs. We are not a hosting company that is beyond contact, and aloof in our package offers. Rather, it is important to us that we can be assured we are meeting the needs of our clients and supporting their business in the best way we can.