Coronavirus: Our network is prepared for Increased Demand

Coronavirus: Our network is prepared for Increased Demand

With some governments placing entire countries on lockdown and urging people to work from home, we have identified an increasing load on our network and services. Primarily due to people working remotely and communicating more than ever via email, during the first two weeks of March 2020 we have seen our global network relay servers output double the regular volume, with Canada being the most recent to follow this increasing trend.

We further anticipate the demand for network and server resources will progressively increase in light of the current global crisis surrounding the COVID 19.     

We are aware many companies have remote working capabilities in place, and we included have remote working policies that are well established with stable systems and technology and to ensure no interruption to customer service or support.

We can also help our customers to establish remote working environments, with tools like Cloud storage which will allow a secure file storage system, email setup and support with the all-new Rapid search feature for iMap, along with server upgrades for increased demands on your own applications, (e.g. CRM systems/websites)

You will notice on our live chat service we have taken the decision to implement a pin number requirement for any chats relating to customer support, this has taken time to develop and test but is now a live feature, due to customers working remotely we are unable to verify customers authenticity via IP address which is a previous practice we used as part of our verification process, we have written a separate article around this new requirement.

We’ve built a state-of-the-art network infrastructure with top-grade connectivity to all major internet platforms. As part of our network architecture management, we routinely review network loads and predict future demand, then react accordingly by increasing the capacity to cater to the demand. We recently increased our UK and USA capacity at 3 Internet Exchange points. In addition to this we have added new private network interconnects (PNIs) to cloud and content delivery networks (CDNs).

These will allow us to easily absorb large spikes in network traffic, without compromising the overall network. Since January we increased our core capacity in Wakefield, in preparation for our latest acquisition which further enhances our national connectivity.

We will continue to provide normal support, and service with no interruption.