How to start a Minecraft server?

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Minecraft, by some metrics, is the most popular game in the world. Therefore, wanting to play it with others such as your friends is a given.

Starting a Minecraft server yourself requires a dedicated device (a computer) to run it on, to allow players to connect. Having your computer on all day and night to allow your friends to play even while you're away can be laborious, let alone expensive. The easiest and most convenient way to start a Minecraft server is by using 365Hosts. Your server will be up and ready within only a couple of clicks, up 24/7, and will not require your PC to be stealing power while away!

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to start it:

Step 1: Go to Website

Head over to the 365Hosts Minecraft hosting webpage. Then, click on "Launch Server".

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Step 2: Choose Hosting Service

Choose which platform of Minecraft you want to run your server for. If you don't know which one to choose, "Minecraft: Crossplay" is our custom-made fail-proof solution that works across all platforms. You can check out this official page by Mojang for further details on the different versions.

minecraft select server in 365Hosts

Step 3: Launch Server

Next, click on "Launch Server Now" (in this case we are using Minecraft: Java Edition from the previous step as you can see on the page). The step is the same on all different platforms.

Step 4: Configure Server

Here, you will have the option to configure the server. The most important option for Minecraft is "Server RAM (GB)". How much RAM you need depends on a multitude of factors. Take a look at this page for a detailed description.

I don't have time for this - I just want to start my server!

We recommend setting the "Server RAM (GB)" option to 5GB and not touching the other configuration alternatives. This is sufficient for most clients on the latest versions of Minecraft and will lead to a good experience.

Step 5: Start Server

Once your server order has been placed in the step above, you can head over to the game server panel to start your new server.

Click the "Start Button" to start your server.

Step 5: Connect to Server

The final step is to connect to your new server. Open up Minecraft, and copy and paste the "Server Address" of your server from the game server panel (found as shown in the picture above) in to the Minecraft client.

Go to "Multiplayer"
Click "Add Server"
Click "Done"
Choose it and click "Join Server"

You are in!