Managed Web Hosting

Managed Web Hosting

It is natural in business to want to see things progress, from project to project – and the business as a whole, and so unsurprisingly there is often a never-ending to-do list of tasks and goals to be achieved by the management and the team. However it can be beneficial to take a look, from time to time, and what your workload includes, and if it is all necessary. While keeping an eye on the running of your operation is essential, it is not always beneficial to keep everything in-house. In fact, you could find that your team are so bogged down in certain tasks that they never get to others. When looking to make your team more productive, is it essential to look at anything that might be worth outsourcing to experts who can do the job quickly, to maximise productivity. This is never more prominent than in the world of web support. Every company that values and makes money using their website and online presence knows that it is no small task making sure everything is running smoothly and kept up-to-the-minute. 

Why Choose Managed Hosting?

At 365Hosts, all of our hosting plans are managed plans. Why? We don’t want to store you away on a server somewhere and never hear from you. We are a business supporting business, and we value you as a client. If we can improve your hosting service, your website, your online store, or your emailing service, we want to know. 

We also know how overwhelming for an IT Department it can be to keep on top of day-day server management tasks and backups and would prefer that your team can focus their time on business-related tasks. 

Choosing a managed hosting plan with 365Hosts means that all the hardware, high-speed servers, RAM and bandwidth, high-speed storage, and R1Soft backups that you require will be allocated to your company, in the safe and skilled hands of our technicians taking care of the management and admin that goes alongside it. Knowing that the hardware for your technical infrastructure is securely housed and fully managed in the data centre gives you the peace of mind, and the time, to allow you to fully propel your company forwards.

What is included in a Managed Service? 

While different hosting providers offer differing levels of support, typically any ‘managed hosting’ package will include secure server housing, national grid and backup power, and server temperature regulating air-con, as well as on-site IT engineers, and the application of necessary infrastructure. 

In addition to this, 365Hosts also ensure the right operating system is used (including updating and patching), all necessary installations, performance optimisation, Next-Gen firewalls, and real-time server monitoring are all provided in our managed hosting packages.

You don’t need to worry that you won’t be in the loop though, you can check in any time via live chat or phone, using our 24/7 support, and you can see our server reports HERE. 

Although we layout our Managed Hosting packages to accommodate ranging levels of storage and bandwidth, we will happily create bespoke IT solutions for your company, if you have more specific requirements. 

Who needs Managed Hosting? 

It is our belief that anybody who has a website housed in our servers should be benefiting from a fully managed service. At 365Hosts we value strong and interactive client-host relationships and are confident that we can improve on any service you have received previously, and in turn support you in providing your customers with a more optimal service.

That said, Managed Hosting services are imperative for companies in tech or online industries, from a wide range of computing scenarios – with heavy web related work-loads. Companies who require outstanding IT performance, use significant amounts of data storage, have very traffic-heavy e-commerce websites, or house data/emails that are vast or sensitive in nature and must be housed securely.

Considerations of Managed Hosting.

When choosing the right Managed Hosting plan for your company, you should consider the following:

  • Technical Support: Technical issues can strike at any moment, usually when least expected and most inconvenient. Choose a host that is right for you and how you would like to communicate in terms of preferred levels of online support. 

365Hosts offers 24/7 technical support via live chat, phone, or email, we aim to resolve any problems in the quickest possible timeframe.

  • Backups: Many companies store their own backups, which can be problematic. Either they do it periodically and do not put much value on the need for backups – tempting disaster, or they realise the importance of backups and become quickly overwhelmed by the time spent running backups and the storage required to hold them. 

365Hosts take care of your R1Soft Server Backup Manager, a block-level flexible backup solution which can backup your data as regularly as every 15 minutes, so you never need to worry that you can’t have up-to-the-minute disaster recovery, but you won’t need to store a thing.

  • Availability: If it is critical to your business to be online all the time, make sure you choose a provider offering 100% up-time, or guaranteeing lowest possible downtime. 

365Hosts offer 99.9% guaranteed up-time, with immediate service if there are concerns. 

  • Your Control Panel: Even if you have a fully managed solution, you will still need access to take care of your billing and user-accounts. Choose a host that offers control panel access. 

365Hosts offer your own designated cPanel account, complete with everything you need such as billing, invoice history, a log of all tickets raised, and access to amend all personal information. 

  • Port-Speed: Port Speed is essential for online load time. 

365Hosts offer 1Gbit, more than sufficient for loading lightning fast websites, big or small. 

  • Performance: Depending on your industry, many websites experience sudden surges in traffic at certain times or on certain occasions. Choose a host who can ensure that your service will stand large traffic fluctuations while sustaining unchanged performance.

365Hosts only uses hardware which can perform exceptionally under heavy, or drastically changing weight – such as SSD hard drives.

In short, realistically, opting for a managed hosting package will cost more than your most basic shared unmanaged plans. However, the time saved and productivity increase within your company team when you choose to remove the burden of server management from in-house, will more than cover the minimal cost of having all of your technical server management taken care of. 

Moreover, you will benefit from knowing all hardware is securely stored and maintained, as well as seeing the benefits of the service optimisation you receive will leave you with no doubt that a managed service is more than worthwhile. 

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