New 365Hosts Website

New 365Hosts Website

New Website Launch

It may or may not have escaped your notice that we’ve changed some things around here recently.

Always striving to achieve a higher level of client satisfaction and putting the user experience customers have of 365Hosts as a whole as a central priority within our operation is something very important to the whole team at 365Hosts.

So with that in mind, we recently launched our brand new website overhaul.

As many of our valued clients choose to build, edit and look after their own websites, we thought we would share a quick run-down of what we have found to be the most beneficial and effective changes to make to a website.


Less Is More

Web Hosting isn’t simple if we’re honest. Have you ever seen how many wires go in and out of that hardware to keep everything online smooth sailing? Thankfully, we know all about the ins and outs of what is involved and decided that you probably don’t need to, unless you choose to.

When you hit our Homepage now, you won’t be baffled by technical jargon, and we won’t try to impress you with fancy pictures of server racks. Instead, you will be able to find the information easy to understand, and you’ll be able to find it easily.



Often, websites which need to get across a lot of information can be overwhelming to navigate. However, we offer a huge array of products, and the distinctions between them are important – all of the information is necessary, so how did we tackle making it simple and clear to operate?

It is important to categorize the products broadly, and then perhaps again into subsections so that clients can identify the type of hosting they need, and compare those packages only.

We break this information down as best we can into different page sections, and where possible using accordions, so that viewing clients are able to hide text that they do not need to see.

Further, we carefully chose a colour scheme that would sit across all pages, as aesthetically nice to look at, but also neutral enough to be unobtrusive. Over stylised websites are becoming a thing of the past – we are finding our clients much prefer to read the content easily (and usually on a mobile phone) than be impressed by the over-engineered bells and whistles favoured by some web developers.


User-Friendly Products

There are many different types of web hosting, servers and storage facilities. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to know which particular package is right for your website, or your business. It is very important that you choose a plan that allows scalability for your business, to avoid any complex migrations further down the road. However, you don’t want to price yourself out of whatever stage of business you’re at by choosing a larger or more inflexible package than required.

Of course, we are always on-hand to help 24/7, but since our website relaunch it has never been easier to understand our service offerings, and what specifically we offer, and for what price. You can view these products as a new client, at your leisure and with the support of an online agent – or if you’re already a valued customer you can jump into your account to manage all of your services, and browse the entire array of services you may be interested in adding, from the comfort of your client area.


We’re Online

Over previous years we’ve seen a decline in phone calls, and a surge in emails, following this came the ticketing system, however, most recently we have found the majority of our valued clients and new customers viewing our website prefer the immediacy of ‘Live Chat’.

It is very important to us that we take note of these trends and take action if we are to offer clients their preferred user-experience.

We have taken the decision to clearly direct anybody viewing our website to the ‘Live Chat’ via frequent and obvious links and icons, ensuring nobody can visit and leave our website without being certain there is somebody on hand to assist them with any queries they have. In this way, we hope we can welcome new clients, resolve any issues, and offer 24/7 peace of mind.

It’s not for everyone though, we still have a contact page where you can reach out in other more traditional ways.



Through spending more time than ever, digging deep into the organic ever-changing psyche of our clients we have learned two very important things:


  • Clients choose us because they’ve been recommended by someone they know

  • Clients choose us because they’ve been recommended by someone they don’t know


What do we mean by that? Well if somebody hasn’t been directly recommended to use our services, but they happen across our website when searching for web hosting – it doesn’t really matter what we tell them, they won’t take our word for it anyway! In most cases, new clients who are unfamiliar with 365Hosts will head straight to the reviews.

That is why we have chosen to dedicate an entire web page to our Trustpilot Reviews page.

Customer satisfaction and security is our number one priority, but don’t take our word for it, we have only 5-star reviews, and they speak for themselves.


Need a Website Spruce?

Your website is the online window to your business, and in this day and age, it has never been more important to ensure that your customers can find the information or products they are looking for, with optimal user-experience and minimal bumps.

The advice above is what we have found works best for us, after lots of careful consideration and research. Some of it may apply to your website, some may not.

To find out how we can optimize, improve, or boost your website, get in touch.