The What, and Why of Reseller Hosting.

The What, and Why of Reseller Hosting.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Another branch of Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting is when a company purchases and uses the server space, and resources of a larger ‘parent’ hosting company to resell on to other clients, usually for profit. Most average to larger sized hosting companies will offer one, or multiple Reseller Hosting packages. Whilst there are pro’s and con’s to both becoming or using a reseller, it is important to determine your own needs, how savvy you are in dealing with all things web hosting, the time you have available to dedicate to managing the hosting side of your business, and the financial implications for you. The fact remains that if you are in business and you are online, your website needs managing and hosting. You can choose to simply use a hosting company to manage your business website, but for some of the more entrepreneurial of us, this is where an opportunity to sell on that hosted space becomes an opportunity to work on a self-employed basis, to earn a very rewarding income, and to enjoy all the benefits that come with being your own boss. 

Why Become A Reseller?

Becoming a Reseller gives you the opportunity to use a service you would need anyway, but to capitalise on it and unlock more money to reinvest into much more server space, better support and service, whilst enabling you to work for yourself in a flexible capacity. You can manage new clients into plans and accounts as best suits you and your ‘parent’ host, by buying in bulk packages that are most cost-effective for you, all the while appearing to your client to be the main seller – should you wish. 

Reselling gives you the ability to brand your hosting company however you like, to attract the clientele you would like, and charge what you would like. This can be tricky – some resellers go for larger volumes of clients and charge them barely more than they are paying, to deliver a profit in quantity, others choose to brand and promote their company to appear more ‘upmarket’ or try to offer alternative services and support so that they can charge a higher hosting fee to bring in a higher profit margin. The point is, it is your hosting company, and so provided you meet the costs of your parent host, the freedom to choose how you run your company is yours. 

Website developers and designers are among the most common using reseller packages because the alternative is to build the website for the customer but send them to the parent hosting company to pay for web hosting separately.  This can lead to complications in the future when the customer needs website support if the website developer and the hosting company can not communicate freely or work in a cohesive manner. If the website designer instead chooses to buy server space from the parent host and resell that space, they never have to relinquish control or access to the architecture of that website, or the analytics and can always offer technical support, whilst also being able to charge an on-going fee for that support and hosting. 

Why Would I Host With A Reseller? 

If you have a business website or need one – you need a web hosting company. As previously mentioned there are many benefits to keeping your hosting with your website developer if this is an option. They will have access to every part of the website, and knowledge of all of the plugins, programmes and applications used. As well as extensive knowledge of the way things like your payment gateways and emails are set up and connected. All of this information is secure and can be difficult to pass on to another hosting company, 

Moreover, often if you chose to use the parent host rather than a reseller you might find that dealing with such a large company quickly becomes taxing if you struggle to pick up the phone and talk to somebody every time you have a question. Often in business, you don’t need support – until you do, and when you do it can be urgent – Website has gone down? Can’t take online payments? Can’t access or receive emails? For a working business owner, any of these things can be disastrous and support needs to be immediate. At these times, having the type of working relationship with your web host which means you can simply pick up the phone can be invaluable. 

Another great reason to use a reseller is price. Although it would make sense that they would have to charge more than the parent to make a profit, this isn’t always the case. Due to the way packages can be purchased in bulk, and depending on the type of servers the host is paying for, you might find that they can actually get you a better deal than elsewhere. It’s a fluid market because although the servers are physical, the space being sold is not.  

Of course, you need to research any hosting company or web developer that you are thinking of using. In some cases not doing the due diligence of checking customer reviews and portfolios can be costly. There are occasions where through greed, incompetence or just becoming overwhelmed with the workload, resellers fail to provide any support, consistency or communication and can even turn sour and make the process of moving your website and domain elsewhere very tricky. If this happens alternative hosting companies can rescue large parts of your website, but to access everything you may need to find out the parent host used by the reseller, and see if they can help you. 

Why Become a Reseller for 365Hosts?

Here at 365Hosts, we are a business supporting businesses. We value our customers, and to support them as best we offer UNLIMITED reseller hosting for very competitive prices. We can help you as much or as little as you require, but you can rest assured that the server space which you are selling is among the fastest, and most reliable in the industry. 

Perhaps most importantly, we offer daily back-ups not only for our own accounts but also for accounts belonging to our resellers. So whether you are a web designer by trade, or just coming into the world of web hosting to become a reseller – you never need to fear making changes or updates to your client’s websites. All data can be restored, with minimal downtime. 

We ensure all of our resellers can access the WHM Panel for FREE, this is the control panel which enables you to view, manage and monitor all of your accounts, projections and analytics, it is essential to hosting your clients in an efficient and organised way month on month. 

Similarly, we provide WHMCS integration, this is the portal that will manage all of your billing, ensuring that keeping on top of all of your resold account recurring billing is hassle-free and easy to monitor. 

Finally, we are here for you 24/7, meaning we are always on hand to support our resellers with any queries or issues that they might have. Becoming a reseller for 365Hosts means never having to worry, if there is a question you can’t answer or an issue you can’t resolve, someone will always be on hand to look into it. 

How Do I Become A Reseller For 365Hosts? 

Becoming a reseller for 365Hosts couldn’t be easier:

  • Consider how many customers you are wanting to sign up, or how quickly you think you will add more customers to your reselling plan, and consider the prices you want to charge accordingly. 
  • Consider the different packages or plan sizes you would like to be able to offer your customers. Our UNLIMITED reseller plan means that you will never be penalised, capped or hindered by bandwidth restrictions. 
  • Consider your product offering – Are you a web designer? Do you have a portfolio? What level of support can you reasonably offer? Do you want to resell any security features or SSL certificates? 
  • Consider your marketing budget and begin to brand your business. 

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Support your customers and watch your business fly. 

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