8 Reasons Why So many Small Businesses Choose WordPress

8 Reasons Why So many Small Businesses Choose WordPress

There are many platforms that you could use to build a business website. Despite the many options, WordPress is still the preferred content management software application for many small businesses. Indeed, more than 30% of all the world’s websites are built on WordPress. So, why is this well-known website publishing tool so popular?

Here Are Eight Reasons Why WordPress Is The Preferred Website Builder For So Many Small Businesses

  1. Easy to Use

You don’t need to be a technical wizard to use WordPress. A little bit of technical knowledge would come in handy. You may even decide to hire a WordPress developer to set up your business website initially. Even so, posting new content with WordPress is straightforward, and maintaining a WordPress site is a breeze too. It is possible to create and maintain a WordPress website without ever writing a single line of code.

  1. Reliability

WordPress has been around for almost fifteen years. In that time, the software has been under continuous development. Unlike newer website publishing platforms, WordPress has had time to iron out any major bugs, so it is stable and reliable. There are approximately 64 million WordPress websites on the internet today. With so many people using the software every day, you can be confident that WordPress is a content management system that won’t let you down.

  1. WordPress is Free!

WordPress is open-source software, so it is free for everyone to use. There are no limitations on how many WordPress sites you can create, and there no fees for updates. You may wish to pay for a premium theme and premium plugins. But otherwise, the costs of a WordPress business website are limited to hosting and domain registration fees.

  1. Built-in Blogging Functionality

Content marketing is the best way to cut through the noise on the internet and get your business website noticed. So, a blog will be essential for the success of any business website. Fortunately, WordPress has built-in blogging functionality that will allow you to start posting blog posts from the outset. WordPress began as a blogging platform. All the functionality you need to attract and engage your target audience is built into the core software.

  1. Scalable

WordPress is used by small businesses and large enterprises alike. So, as your business grows, your WordPress website can grow too. There is no need to install an upgraded version of WordPress to meet an expanding business’s needs. Any additional functionality that you need can be met by installing free or premium plugins.

  1. No Shortage of Expertise

You will never have to go it alone when you are using WordPress. If you want to hire some help with your business website, plenty of WordPress developers and freelancers are available. And there are millions of WordPress tips and advice pages posted on the internet. So, you will always be able to find answers to any questions you may have about using WordPress.

  1. Easy to Install

WordPress is easy to install, and the installation process needs no technical knowledge. Most of the leading website hosting companies also offer managed WordPress hosting packages that care of everything for you. Installing updates to the software and plugins is straightforward as well. So, you can keep up to date with all the latest WordPress functionality and be confident that you have all the latest security updates too.

  1. Future Proofed

WordPress is continually being updated. And because so many businesses use the software, you can be sure that the software will continue to be enhanced in the future. The ongoing development and the scalability of WordPress ensure that you will never need to migrate your business website to another platform.

To sum up, WordPress is scalable, flexible, and easy to use. And it is free! You can set up a WordPress business website yourself, or there are plenty of WordPress developers who you can call on if you need some help. There are other website platforms available, but few offer all the benefits of WordPress, which is why so many small business owners choose WordPress.